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Family of Samuel YOUNG and Emma RALSTON

Husband: Samuel YOUNG (1839-1901)
Wife: Emma RALSTON ( - )
Children: Emma Jane YOUNG (1861- )
Mary Ann YOUNG (1863- )

Husband: Samuel YOUNG

Name: Samuel YOUNG
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel YOUNG (1815?-1872)
Mother: Eliza BRAGG (1814?-1884)
Occupation Leather Glove Cutter
Birth 1839
Death 24 Mar 1901 (age 61-62) Park St.

Wife: Emma RALSTON

Name: Emma RALSTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Occupation Dressmaker

Child 1: Emma Jane YOUNG

Name: Emma Jane YOUNG
Sex: Female
Birth 1861

Child 2: Mary Ann YOUNG

Name: Mary Ann YOUNG
Sex: Female
Birth 1863