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Clarence STONE's brother: Robert John STONE (1883?- )

Family of Clarence Edward Bristow STONE and Muriel May HICKEY

Husband: Clarence Edward Bristow STONE (1898-1966)
Wife: Muriel May HICKEY (1902-1966)
Children: Monica Mary STONE (1928- )
Marriage 27 Dec 1926 St Johns Church, Portland

Husband: Clarence Edward Bristow STONE

      Clarence Edward Bristow STONE, BC - Stone, Clarence Edward Bristow    
Name: Clarence Edward Bristow STONE
Sex: Male
Father: John Robert Flew STONE (1859?-1928)
Mother: Ann Hilda (1859?- )
Birth 1 Mar 1898 Portland, Weymouth
Death 9 Feb 1966 (age 67) 19 Ventnor Road, Portland
Occupation Hewer, Lime Stone Quarry

Additional Information

Death Cause: Pulmonary embolism

Wife: Muriel May HICKEY

      Muriel May HICKEY, BC - Hickey, Muriel May    
Name: Muriel May HICKEY
Sex: Female
Father: Michael Charles HICKEY (1873?-1914)
Mother: Lizzie LEWIS (1873?-1965)
Birth 4 Nov 1902 Wrexham
Death 23 Aug 1966 (age 63) Portland Hospital, Weymouth

Additional Information

Death Cause: Broncho pneumonia following a fall at home on the stairs - misadventure

Child 1: Monica Mary STONE

      Monica Mary STONE, BC - Stone, Monica Mary    
Name: Monica Mary STONE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Douglas Ivor GRIFFITHS (1919-1997)
Spouse 2: UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 31 Mar 1928 19 Ventnor Road, Portland
Occupation Hairdresser

Note on Marriage

Married in presence of Clarence Alexander Stone & Doris Hickey & Charles Fredrick Hickey

Note on Husband: Clarence Edward Bristow STONE

Lived at 19 Moorfield Road, Portland in 1928

Note on Wife: Muriel May HICKEY

Lived in

16 Spring Gardens, Portland in 1926

19 Ventnor Road, portland, Dorset