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Samuel YOUNG's other family: with Evelyn Daisy HUSSEY (1896-1979)

Family of Samuel Charles YOUNG and Ada FORTE

Husband: Samuel Charles YOUNG (1877-1955)
Wife: Ada FORTE (1878-1926)
Children: Francis Charles YOUNG (1911-1995)
Marriage Yeovil

Husband: Samuel Charles YOUNG

Name: Samuel Charles YOUNG
Sex: Male
Father: Charles YOUNG (1849-1935)
Mother: Elizabeth TRASK (1848-1923)
Birth 29 Oct 1877
Death 10 Jan 1955 (age 77)
Occupation Glove manufacturer

Wife: Ada FORTE

Name: Ada FORTE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1878 Thorne, Yeovil
Death 7 Sep 1926 (age 47-48) Yeovil

Child 1: Francis Charles YOUNG

Name: Francis Charles YOUNG
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Aug 1911 Yeovil
Death 30 Mar 1995 (age 83) Yeovil
Occupation Glove manufacturer