Family of John HICKEY

Partner: John HICKEY ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Michael Charles HICKEY (1873?-1914)

Husband: John HICKEY

Name: John HICKEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Michael Charles HICKEY

      Spouse: Lizzie LEWIS, DC - Lewis (Hickey), Lizzie    
Name: Michael Charles HICKEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lizzie LEWIS (1873?-1965)
Occupation Miner / Sabonner HM Dockyard/ General labourer in Dock Yard
Birth 1873 (cal)
Death 20 Mar 1914 (age 40-41) Portland, Weymouth

Additional Information

Death Cause: Injuries received from taking spirits of salt inadvertantly while suffering from severe pain from illness