Family of Francis Robert HUSSEY and Selina HUSSEY

Husband: Francis Robert HUSSEY (1870?- )
Wife: Selina HUSSEY (1863?- )
Children: Evelyn Daisy HUSSEY (1896-1979)
Dorothy Mary HUSSEY (1903- )
Ethel Louise HUSSEY (1895?- )
Cecil F HUSSEY ( - )

Husband: Francis Robert HUSSEY

      Francis Robert HUSSEY, Hussey Francis    
Name: Francis Robert HUSSEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1870 (app) Bettiscombe, Dorset
Occupation Railway Carman then Cowman on Farm
Residence (1) 1901 (age 30-31)
Residence (2) 1911 (age 41)

Additional Information

Residence (1) Milton, Gillingham, Dorset
Recorded in 1901 Census
Residence (2) Dinder, Wells, Somerset
Record: 1911 Census

Wife: Selina HUSSEY

Name: Selina HUSSEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1863 (app) Puncknowle, Dorset

Child 1: Evelyn Daisy HUSSEY

      Evelyn Daisy HUSSEY, DC - Hussey (Young), Evelyn Daisy    
Name: Evelyn Daisy HUSSEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel Charles YOUNG (1877-1955)
Birth 5 Mar 1896 Dorchester, Dorset
Death 16 Feb 1979 (age 82) Yeovil District Hospital, Yeovil
Occupation Cheese maker
Burial Yeovil Cemetery, Preston Road, Yeovil

Additional Information

Death Cause: Bronchopneumonia / Ischaemic heart disease / Cerebrovascular accident

Child 2: Dorothy Mary HUSSEY

Name: Dorothy Mary HUSSEY
Sex: Female
Nickname: Dolly
Birth 1903 Semley, Wiltshire

Child 3: Ethel Louise HUSSEY

Name: Ethel Louise HUSSEY
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 (app) Bridport, Dorset
Occupation Assisting In Dairy Work

Child 4: Cecil F HUSSEY

Name: Cecil F HUSSEY
Sex: Male
Birth "Age 7m in 1901 census" Bridgwater, Somerset

Note on Husband: Francis Robert HUSSEY

Address in 1901 (census): Milton, Gillingham, Dorset. Address in 1911 (census): Dinder, Wells, Somerset