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Alan YOUNG's other family: with Hilary ( - )
Alan YOUNG's brother: Nigel Christopher YOUNG
Karen HAWKER's other family: with unknown spouse
Karen HAWKER's parents: David HAWKER ( - ) and Margaret ( - )
Karen HAWKER's brother: Vince HAWKER

Family of Alan John YOUNG and Karen HAWKER

Husband: Alan John YOUNG
Wife: Karen HAWKER
Children: Harisson YOUNG (1993- )

Husband: Alan John YOUNG

Name: Alan John YOUNG
Sex: Male
Father: Kenneth Edward YOUNG (1929-1988)
Mother: Eunice Peggy WISCOMBE (1929-1992)

Wife: Karen HAWKER

Name: Karen HAWKER
Sex: Female
Father: David HAWKER ( - )
Mother: Margaret ( - )

Child 1: Harisson YOUNG

Name: Harisson YOUNG
Sex: Male
Birth 1993 Taunton Hospital

Child 2: Adam YOUNG

Name: Adam YOUNG
Sex: Male