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Gladys WEBBER's parents: Frank WEBBER (1884- ) and Eunice (1880- )
Gladys WEBBER's siblings: Stella WEBBER ( -2000) and Joan WEBBER ( -2002)

Family of Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE and Gladys Rachael WEBBER

Husband: Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE (1901-1990)
Wife: Gladys Rachael WEBBER (1906-1976)
Children: Eunice Peggy WISCOMBE (1929-1992)
Ronald George WISCOMBE (1927- )
Marriage 1927 Yeovil Registry Office

Husband: Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE

      Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE, BC - Wiscombe, Reginald Thomas    
Name: Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE
Sex: Male
Father: George WISCOMBE (1868- )
Mother: Edith Aggrifurna ROBERTS (1868?- )
Birth 18 Nov 1901 Trent
Death 3 May 1990 (age 88) Yeovil
Occupation Aircraft Engine Fitter, Westlands, Yeovil

Wife: Gladys Rachael WEBBER

Name: Gladys Rachael WEBBER
Sex: Female
Father: Frank WEBBER (1884- )
Mother: Eunice (1880- )
Birth 7 May 1906 Ilchester
Death Dec 1976 (age 70) Yeovil
Occupation Glove worker

Child 1: Eunice Peggy WISCOMBE

      Eunice Peggy WISCOMBE, BC - Wiscombe, Eunice Peggy    
Name: Eunice Peggy WISCOMBE
Sex: Female
Nickname: Peg
Spouse: Kenneth Edward YOUNG (1929-1988)
Birth 12 Jan 1929 The Mead, Ilchester
Death 30 Sep 1992 (age 63) 35 Beaconfield Rd, Yeovil
Occupation Secretary - Yeovil Glove Company
National or Tribal Origin English
Child Count 2
Marriage Count 1
Burial St Michaels Church, East Coker

Additional Information

Death Cause: Cancer

Child 2: Ronald George WISCOMBE

Name: Ronald George WISCOMBE
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Aug 1927 Ilchester

Note on Husband: Reginald Thomas WISCOMBE

Married in Yeovil Registry Office